Resolving High CPU Usage problem

I just to report my vps "behaviors" and patches i did..

As i said before, i'm using script to restart the service automatically when cpu usage is above 85. Although this fixed did solved the problem, later on the service become more and more frequently need to restart. CPU usage reach high peak more easily and more quickly than before.

I notice, if i use fullscreen when remoting, cpu usage or winlogon.exe getting close n open faster than if i use window mode remote. Although using window remote did not solved the problem but extend the time i can use the vps until the service get restarted..

Its weekend and I just want this problem solved. So i google for windows patches...

- install this patch last night. After i simulate what i usually did on vps..
- after few minutes cpu reach peak again and get restarted
- I thought this patch was the fixed im looking for, but it guess it not.
- But it good to install anyway, so i leave this installed.

- surprisingly after installed this patch and restart the server, i notice when remoting to the server is so much faster than before
- after typing my credential to login, i can see my desktop so much faster. It should be like this. I did wonder why it so slow before =)
- and i think this patch solved the cpu usage high too. Although it still early to say, because it just 1-2 hours since this patch installed. But i have been trying to make cpu usage high ever since, yet nothing happened =)

So if you looking for patches, install this 2 patches

Happy weekend!

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