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Vps Forex special promotion December 2016

VPS Forex Special Promotion

Promo at this moment is specially for automatic trading forex. You will get lower budget for your VPS fee up to 50%. So you can focus to adding your deposit equity on your broker since special promo from


Validity periode of VPS Forex Special Promotion

This promo will valid start from Dec 15 till Dec 18 2016. Do not missing this special moment.


List of Promo Code for VPS Forex Special Promotion

Valid for new order and renew order.

  1. CLASSIC10 = Discount 10% to all Classic Package.
  2. CLASSIC20 = Discount 20% to Classic Master and Classic TOP package.
  3. MONTHLYP15 = Discount 15% to all Premium package with monthly purchasing
  4. QUARTERP20 = Discount 20% to all Premium package with Quarterly purchasing(3 months)
  5. SEMESTERP25 = Discount 25% to all Premium package with Semi Annually purchasing (6 months)
  6. ANNUALP30 = Discount 30% to all Premium package with annually purchasing (1 year)
  7. ANNUALP50 = Discount 50% to Premium MASTER package with annually payment (1 year)


If you want to get discount Special Promo for VPS renew order, kindly send email [email protected] include with: Your IP which want to renew, and what is renewal periode plan. Our customer service will assist you as per your request.

Normally we will proceed your order within 1 hour. But on promo session usually taking longer due to high volume of request. And please on mind our office schedule attached at right lower on this website.

Good luck